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Harness the Power of InstruMix in Your Community!

Are you searching for a unique way to enhance the lives of your residents?

InstruMix brings the magic of music and movement to your community, catering to the specific needs and desires of your senior residents.

Why InstruMix?

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Senior living communities often face the challenge of keeping their residents engaged, both mentally and physically. InstruMix is the answer to these common concerns:


Traditional exercise routines can become repetitive and uninspiring for seniors.


Residents may experience feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Limited Mobility:

Not all exercises are suitable for seniors with varying degrees of mobility.

Engaging Workouts:

Our program makes exercise feel like a joyful celebration.

Community Connection:

Residents bond through shared music experiences.


InstruMix accommodates individuals of all ability levels.

White Crosses

Hear What Others Say About InstruMix

" I was looking for a new way to get our residents involved in exercises, without it feeling like exercising. InstruMix was just what the doctor ordered! They can move at their level of comfort and so enjoy the variety of instruments, I'm told their favorites are the castanets and scarves! Our instructor, Eric, is amazing with our residents, they just love him! Keep it up InstruMix, we're not even close to done with you!"

Tammy G.

Happy Participants


Ready to Transform Your Community?

Are you ready to revolutionize the well-being of your local residents and create a vibrant, joyful atmosphere in your community? Join hands with InstruMix today and embark on a journey of music, movement, and transformation.

What is InstruMix?

Fun, Fitness & Health Combined!

Our program is designed to stimulate both the mind and body with The Exercise Class That Feels Like A PARTY!


Here's what participants can expect:

  • Musical Variety: Participants play an array of percussion instruments, including sticks, bells, egg shakers, scarves, and castanets.

  • Adaptive Movements: Movements are tailored to individual comfort levels, whether seated or standing.

  • Wellness Benefits: InstruMix promotes holistic health, making exercise an enjoyable experience.

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Tips for Engaging Seniors in Wellness Activities 

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