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  • Sept - InstruMix Instructor Training
    Sep 29, 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM EDT
    Live on Zoom

Group Instructor


Includes instruments for 15 people.

For professionals intending to use the InstruMix program in large group settings.  

Personal Instructor 



Includes instruments for 2 people.

For care takers or family members intending to use the InstruMix program in one on one settings.

What you get:

What you learn:

  • Training videos of  12 choreographed songs (a full class)

  • Access to follow along videos 

  • Draw string bag 

  • Instrument set

  • Music activities 

  • Training Manual

  • Certificate  

  • Access to the IM-IN support network and continued support

      ** First 3 months free 

         $29 per month after​

  • How to use music to engage participants

  • Science behind music, exercise

       and the brain

  • How to create beat patterns and choreography

  • How to lead groups

  • How to lead 1 on 1

  • Tips for working with dementia


  • How to customize InstruMix for all ages and abilities 

Ongoing Monthly Support

As a member of the InstruMix Instructor Network (IM-IN) you have the opportunity to attend monthly zoom meetings where you can:

  • ask questions and share experiences

  • create new choreography 

  • (songs chosen by members!)

  • network with other professionals  ​

  • get access to recorded zoom meeting if you could not attend

Referral Program

Active members of the InstruMix Instructor Network (IM-IN) receive $50 for referring someone who registers for an upcoming InstruMix Instructor Training!

InstruMix In The News

InstruMix promotes mental and physical wellness by stimulating and challenging the brain and body.  Bring life, joy and facilitate a fun and engaging experience wherever you take this program!

Learn to teach a one of a kind music and movement exercise program that incorporates playing hand held percussion instruments while executing simple range of motion movements to music.  

Instructor Testimonials

InstruMix has been used in over 50 nursing homes, assisted living facilites and the like.

We have been featured on ABC where they discuss the great benefits of our unique program!