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Welcome to InstruMix, where physical and mental exercise come alive.

Our program is designed to revolutionize the well-being of senior residents, making exercise fun and engaging instead of a chore.  So what are you waiting for? 


Bring the InstruMix experience to your community today!

Elevating Seniors' Lives Through Music and Movement

Why Choose InstruMix?
Transforming the Way Seniors Exercise

At InstruMix, we believe that exercise should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Here's how:

  • Variety of Instruments: Participants engage with 5 different percussion instruments, including sticks, bells, egg shakers, scarves, and castanets.

  • Complete Wellness: Our program stimulates mental agility while promoting physical health and overall wellness.

  • Inclusive and Adaptive: Whether seated or standing, InstruMix welcomes individuals of all ability levels.

A close-up photograph of a pair of rhythm sticks, also known as claves
A close-up photograph of a set of hand bells
Two black maracas resting on a wooden surface, showcasing their smooth, polished exteriors and traditional gourd shapes.
An elegantly draped grey scarf, made from soft, textured fabric, gently cascades over a wooden surface.
A close-up photograph of a hand delicately holding a pair of traditional Spanish castanets, musical percussion instruments ty
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Experienced Instructors,
Exceptional Results.

When you hire a Certified InstruMix Instructor, you're investing in the health and happiness of your residents. Learn how our skilled instructors can elevate your community's vitality.

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Join Us on a Journey of Wellness

At InstruMix, we recognize the isolation, mobility issues, and cognitive challenges often faced by older adults. Our rhythm-centric program not only alleviates these struggles but also uplifts spirits, bolsters mental clarity, and provides a joyful, inclusive escape for every individual, regardless of their physical or cognitive state.

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Hear from Our Community
Real Stories, Real Transformations

" I was looking for a new way to get our residents involved in exercises, without it feeling like exercising. InstruMix was just what the doctor ordered! They can move at their level of comfort and so enjoy the variety of instruments, I'm told their favorites are the castanets and scarves! Our instructor, Eric, is amazing with our residents, they just love him! Keep it up InstruMix, we're not even close to done with you!"

Tammy G.

Do You Want to Become an InstruMix Instructor?

If you're passionate about enhancing the lives of senior residents through rhythm and motion, consider a rewarding career as an InstruMix Instructor. Join our team and inspire joy and well-being.

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